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Our Planet over the last 4.5 billion years has developed very elegant systems to process carbon that take millions of years to create this:

National Energy Education Development Project

And Mankind is doing our darndest to try to recycle as much of this as humanly possible back into our atmosphere. The problem is that we’re recycling carbon back into our atmosphere at a rate that is thousands and thousands of times faster than Mother Earth can re-process it, and we’re out of time.

The solution, our BIG PLAN to save the Planet, is to enable people who do this:

and this:


in combination with governments and people who do this…

and people who do this:

to package financial securities known as carbon offset credits, in which these folks…

and these folks:

continue to pump and spew close to 50 billion tons of CO2 into our atmosphere each year by purchasing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (ZERO CO2) from these nice people (and others):

and somehow the more of this that we do, the less CO2 there will be in our atmosphere so that kids and butterflies can roam the Earth without worry.

Well, the amount of CO2 is only going up, and it sounds a whole lot more like the marketing plan for Oxycodone to me – it’s absolutely non-addictive and the more we use, the better off we’ll all be.

But, it is not working, and everyone on our Planet can see this, whether or not they care to recognize it for what it is. And, based on our BIG PLAN, there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that these folks are actually going to stop doing this:

Chis Leboutillier

In October, the USEIA (United States Energy Information Administration) published its International Energy Outlook for 2021 and stated in no uncertain terms that (I’m paraphrasing)…even with the growth of renewable energy, without significant changes in policies (I’m assuming they’re referring to our Oxycodone marketing plan) and the advent of significant breakthrough technologies (our planet’s problems are not going to be solved with existing solar and wind technologies), we project a 50% increase in energy consumption and continuing increases in energy related CO2 emissions into our atmosphere for the next 30 years (which is as far ahead as the report forecasted).

You know, there’s got to be people smarter than me – much sharper tacks in the upholstery – who are already hard at work on solving this, but just incase there aren’t, I would like to propose that we deal with our addiction to fossil fuels and find new and innovative ways to actually reduce our carbon footprint without continuing to enable it. Carbon credits and carbon taxes will never do this. Has taxing folks has ever stopped anyone from continuing to make money? The cost of goods and services just goes up.

In the past year or so, there has been a sea change in the mass consciousness of people on our planet, and it is becoming more valuable for all of us to not continue to spew CO2 into the atmosphere than it is for these folks to continue to spew CO2 into the atmosphere by purchasing carbon offset credits.

So, if your thinking about borrowing 8,000 pickup trucks from your neighbor to move something really big, or you’re planning that trip of a lifetime, or thinking about heating or cooling your home this year, or picking up the kids after school, or mowing the lawn, going shopping, buying food, cooking dinner, or simply turning on a light bulb, please consider supporting Wave Power as an alternative to purchasing carbon offset credits for you or your company or organization as a mechanism to help create our future.

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