Leaning In…

I absolutely love this photo! What they are accomplishing as a team is a spectacular feat. These are hardworking dedicated people who know how to do things. People like this who build things with their hands are very special. I took this picture at a shipyard in Galveston, Texas, where we were building 50 modules that would later be assembled – welded together – in Houma, Louisiana, to create the hull of our first Power Generation Vessel (PGV1). Each puzzle piece is 75 feet long and weighs anywhere from approximately 20 to 40 tons. When we got to Houma, these modules were assembled into much larger modules that are 225 feet long, each super-module comprised of three of these modules. What you can’t see is that it was over 100 degrees F and 95% humid when the picture was taken! Photo of the Month – December 2021: Leaning In

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